Japanese Turning Against Having The 2020 Olympics in 2021


Japan has bad luck with its Olympics for the second time; the 1940 Summer Olympics were held in Japan, moved to Helsinki, and eventually canceled due to the Second World War.

Tokyo 2020 Japan Airlines

The 2020 Summer Olympics were called off in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic spreading worldwide and moved to 2021. It is now unclear whether these games will go forward in about six months because most of the Japanese population opposes them.

According to the Japan Times, an English newspaper based in Tokyo, 80% surveyed were against holding the games in 2021 and would like to see them canned altogether or postponed to another year.

Here’s an excerpt from the Japan Times:

Around 80% of people in Japan believe the postponed Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics planned for the summer should be canceled or rescheduled with the novel coronavirus pandemic continuing to cast a cloud over the sporting event, a Kyodo News survey showed Sunday

In the poll, 35.3% called for the cancellation of the Tokyo Games, while 44.8% said the event should be put off again. The games were slated to take place last year but were rescheduled due to the pandemic.

Further delaying the Olympics would likely see canceling them altogether.

There is a Football World Cup in Doha in 2022 and Winter Olympics in Beijing:

  • 2022 Winter Olympics. Beijing, China. February 4 – February 20.
  • 2024 Summer Olympics. Paris, France. July 28 – August 11.
  • 2026 Winter Olympics. Milan-Cortina, Italy.
  • 2028 Summer Olympics. Los Angeles, California.


I would say that is a fifty-fifty chance whether these 2020 Summer Games will take place in 2021 or be canceled altogether.

Looking at the various games schedule, the earliest they could be held is after the Los Angeles Summer Olympics, perhaps in 2032. There is no room for them in 2022.

As Sebastian covered earlier, we have acquired tickets for the Summer Olympics if they are held because it is unlikely that the country would allow general tourism arrivals in 2021.