Andaman Luxury Collection Resort In Langkawi, Malaysia Destroyed By Fire


Unfortunately there has been a fire at the beautiful Andaman Luxury Collection Resort by Marriott in Langkawi, Malaysia and the property has been totally destroyed.

A crew of 40 firefighters has tried over a long period of time to get the fire under control which has pretty much gutted the resort.

The Andaman was a beautiful resort in Langkawi, one of my favorite destinations here in the Southeast Asia region.

The Star reported today that it will likely be out of business for a long period of time (if not forever) following the fire.

The fire that gutted part of the five-star Andaman Resort in Langkawi has been brought under control.

Kedah Fire and Rescue Department assistant director (operations) Mohamadul Ehsan Mohd Zain said firemen were presently putting out remnants of the blaze which started on Tuesday (Jan 12) night.

“About 40 firemen were rushed to the scene and they managed to put out the fire but it flared up again on Wednesday (Jan 13) morning.

“We have brought it under control and the men involved are presently clearing the debris and assessing the damage and cause of the fire.”

It is believed that the fire started in the kitchen of the luxury resort and spread to the main part of the building.

The damage is believed to be extensive and major repair work needs to be done before it can re-open.

The last time I’ve stayed at Andaman was in 2019. I’m sad to see this hotel being out of business for an extended period of time.

It makes me wonder how much business (if any) they were doing these days as Malaysia’s borders are closed and even intra-Malaysia travel was restricted for a very long time.


The fire that destroyed the resort is a very sad situation for the wonderful employees of this nice hotel who were already facing hardship due to lack of business during Covid-19.

Hopefully the owner decides to repair this property and reopen either as the same brand or something else. Keeping in mind this was an older building and it might not even be economically feasible to do repairs and instead do a completely new construction which will take years.