Hilton Honors Lifetime Diamond Requirements & Progress (And Where’s The Promised Counter?)

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Hilton Honors launched lifetime Diamond status and made the requirements public back in 2015 (read more here).

We were told in early 2020 that the web team would be working on a counter that would display the progress for all of us, but it is not yet available a year later, and the only way to get this information is to contact Hilton.

You can access Hilton’s page for lifetime status here.

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Here are the lifetime Diamond requirements:

  • Ten years as a Diamond


  • 1,000 consumed nights


  • 2,000,000 base points

I sent the following email to diamond@hilton.com on January 4, 2021:

Dear Diamond Desk,

I would like to know what is my progress towards lifetime Diamond status as of January 2021.



Here’s the reply that I received from Guest Relations on January 5, 2021:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding lifetime Diamond VIP status. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

In reviewing your account, our records show your current progress is 700 of 1000 nights, or  880,426 of 2000,000 Base Points, or 14 of 10 Years in Diamond.

If there is anything else we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us. For immediate assistance, please click on the link below for the contact number of the Hilton Worldwide Service Center location nearest you.

And my progress back in January 2020 was:

This email is to confirm that you have reached 13 completed years of Diamond status with 603 qualifying nights and 803,999 base points over the life of your Hilton Honors membership, as of January 10, 2020 in progress toward Lifetime Diamond achievement.

As a reminder, Lifetime Diamond qualification requires 10+ years of completed Diamond status and either 1,000 Hilton Honors qualifying nights or 2 million base points are eligible for the status.  Your Lifetime Diamond progress will appear in your Hilton Honors Monthly Statement email once you have hit the half way mark towards Lifetime Diamond.

Why no lifetime progress visibility on the website:

Marriott Bonvoy displays the number of elite years at various levels and the total number of nights consumed on its website and app.

Hyatt includes the progress towards the lifetime base points requirement of a million ($200K) on its frequent emails.

Hilton communicated in early 2020 that they were planning to bring this lifetime progress information online last year, but it never materialized.

I inquired what was the progress as of January 2021 and received the following statement from the spokesperson:

Currently, when a Hilton Honors member is close to achieving Lifetime Diamond status, they are sent a “countdown” alert with the remaining nights needed to achieve lifetime status in their Hilton Monthly Statement email. On the web front, the team is continuing to work towards allowing members to track their progress to Lifetime Diamond status. I’ll be certain to share a timing update with you once available.

You get a lifetime Diamond kit when reaching this milestone!

Hilton Honors Lifetime Diamond Welcome Pack In 2020


I have started to inquire about my progress towards the lifetime status at the beginning of each year to have an audit trail in place if something unexpected happens and ensure that the number of nights has been recorded correctly.

Looking at my current progress, it is improbable that I would qualify based on the spend ($200,000), but rather on nights 1,000. I already have more than 10 years of Diamond membership.

My tally added 97 nights last year, of which some were counted twice during the promotion (actual nights were likely around 60). I plan to continue somewhere between 60 to 100 nights yearly until I have reached the lifetime Diamond status somewhere around the mid-2020s.

My upgrades as a Diamond member have been generally good (outside of North America), and I would assume that lifetime ones are prioritized over qualified Diamonds and credit card ones.