Compensation Clinic: Thompson Playa Del Carmen Main House

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This week the Compensation Clinic pays a Thompson Playa Del Carmen Main House-hotel visit where yours truly stayed the other week.

Remember that you can always email us, send a message via Facebook, or use Twitter and include photos. We’ll try to cover a Compensation Clinic case here regularly.

You can access Thompson Playa Del Carmen Main House here.

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Video of the Thompson Suite:

Here are the issues I faced:

TV Turns Randomly On In The Middle Of The Night

It appears that the TV in the rooms and suites automatically turn on in the middle of the night when the hotel runs night audits (resets them). I woke up several times in the first two nights to turn the TV off.

In retrospect, I should have just unplugged the entire thing.


There is no note by the hotel that there is a construction going on next door that makes the breakfast venue at the rooftop very unpleasant,

Why didn’t the hotel inform you about this in advance and try to mitigate the issue?

They could have offered in-room dining to everyone and suggested that I could use the breakfast venue at their Beach House instead (never went).

In-Room Dining

I placed an in-room dining order one night to use the F&B credit I had. I only received three of the five items I had ordered.


During the middle of the stay, I received a sparkling wine bottle with a note to wish a happy honeymoon to some other guests.


You cannot log in your room number and last name that would allow continuous access for the duration of your stay.

You use a code to log into the internet. It kicks you off every few hours, and you need to log in again. They use the same password for the day club and the restaurant that is likely the reason for timing the log in off.


I noted these issues with the hotel management and requested 20,000 points as compensation from the corporate.


The hotel hardware and the suite that I had were both excellent.

However, I am not a fan of hotels that have designated their rooftop pool as a day club with paid access, even for in-house guests that must pay a destination fee (waived for Globalist).

There is a feeling that the hotel is not just well run and would benefit if Hyatt brought in a team from the corporate to straighten it out.

Then there is the question about Playa del Carmen that felt like the 2020 Spring Break had never ended.

I hope that the hotel managed to deliver the sparkling wine bottle with a Honeymoon note to the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Bridges.