Extremely Cheap Elite Qualifying Day Rates (Sub $50) With “Work From Hyatt” In Bangkok


Hyatt Hotels is currently running the “Work from Hyatt” program which are basically day rates where rooms can be used for work daytime staycation including access to all facilities – and the rates are fully elite qualifying.

After browsing through social media I came across advertisements of Hyatt properties in Bangkok that offer these rates for as little as 1,350 Baht ($45) which must be the lowest I’ve seen for this rate type worldwide.

In combination with the current double elite night promotion and the 50% lowered requirements for this years Globalist tier it would be possible to clock in the 15 nights needed for this at a cost of US$750, assuming one really needs to prop up all 30 nights and there are no other Hyatt stays.

You can find more details about the Work from Hyatt program on their website (access here).

It won’t feel like work when you choose to Work from Hyatt – whether you stay local for the day or treat yourself to an extended work adventure.  Plus, you’ll be rewarded by earning World of Hyatt points and elite Tier-Qualifying Night credits – including those from Bonus Journeys, whether you work with us for the day, the week or even longer.

This presents a unique opportunity for those hunting Hyatt Globalist status.

Here are my two examples for Hyatt properties in Bangkok.

They have the following rate loaded

This is for the Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit (new property):

As you can see it’s really worthwhile to book the day rate vs an overnight rate as the savings are significant with 1,350 Baht vs 3,150 Baht for an overnight.

Not so much at the Grand Hyatt Bangkok:

The day rate here is 1,532 Baht vs 2,170 Baht for a whole overnight. Just a 600 Baht difference and one would be able to apply a suite upgrade and enjoy other benefits such as breakfast and evening lounge hour.

I’m not sure if hotels are extending Globalist benefits for these rates such as the ability to access the club lounge for breakfast and evening cocktail (mind you, right now there are no alcoholic beverages anyway in Bangkok as per government mandate to “combat Covid-19”).

I feel like as far as the Grand Hyatt Erawan is concerned I’d just book a regular overnight rate although I’m not a big fan of this hotel anymore. Alternatively a two night stay under the Hyatt Prive Rate with $100 credit for F&B would also do the trick.

The Park Hyatt Bangkok also has an OFFICE rate loaded but with $140++ per day it’s really not worthwhile going after it.

One slight issue: You have to book these one by one and then do a new check-in on a daily basis. If you search for a long stretch of several nights at ones using the rate then it forces a regular overnight. I can see the rationale behind it, the hotel wants to avoid the guests abusing this and actually stay overnight when they only pay for a day rate.

I’d urge people not to try and do any funny business, basically defrauding hotels this way if you manage to book back to back reservations. If you want to stay overnight just book a cheap rate like the ones the Grand Hyatt Bangkok has loaded.

Edit: As we have received this question several times since I published the article yesterday, you can’t use these rates for a so called phantom stay where you only check in online but never physically show up at the hotel. Properties in Thailand aren’t set up for this and it’s the law that hotels in Thailand complete a proper check-in process and submit passport data to the authorities. The maximum would be that a local friend could possibly check you in IF you trust that individual but even this might not work and is also against the T&C of the program.


These “Work from Hyatt” rates are fully elite qualifying both for nights and points under the Bonus Journeys promotion. You will be able to achieve status at a very low cost or in the very least add some nights to your account that way.

I have a few nights rolled over from December and will clock in a few nights in Bangkok next month just to get my account to maybe 20 nights on the cheap. I will definitely stay at other Hyatt hotels this year though I’m not sure how many stays I’ll be able to clock in. Hyatt is problematic – being more or less stranded in Thailand for the last 12 months my only choice is Bangkok as the Hyatt Regency Phuket is still closed and Samui not opened yet. Hua Hin is another option but going there isn’t possible right now due to restrictions on travel between provinces. The SLH hotels in Thailand are overpriced when booked through Hyatt, even though Samui properties present a good redemption opportunity.

We’re just in January and I’ve already taken care of Hilton Diamond and Marriott Titanium. Hyatt will be next in line.

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