UK Mulls Mandatory Hotel Quarantine, GPS & Facial Tracking For All Arrivals


The UK scraps the Travel Corridors that were introduced for summer travel in 2020 tomorrow at 4 AM (read more here) when all arrivals to the country require a negative Covid-19 test combined with a mandatory 10-day quarantine.

The UK’s media is now reporting that the country’s government is mulling far more serious actions for international arrivals that would include mandatory quarantine at government-provided hotels with a fee, combined with GPS and facial tracking.

Here’s an excerpt from the Telegraph:

Travellers could face GPS tracking in a bid to crackdown on breaches of quarantine, Dominic Raab indicated on Sunday.

The Foreign Secretary refused to rule out the use of GPS data to establish if people were staying at the address they put on their locator form when they entered the UK.

He also confirmed that the Government was considering quarantine hotels where travellers would be required to stay and pick up the bill, as happens with New Zealand’s policy of “directed isolation” and Australia where arrivals self-isolating are charged between £1,500 and £2,500.

Travel Corridors are all gone tomorrow:

UK Closes All Travel Corridors At 4 AM On January 18, 2021


This is quite an u-turn from the UK’s government that welcomed visitors from most countries with voluntary quarantine and Travel Corridor countries without any to require a negative Covid-19 test with a 10-night quarantine from everyone.

The government is also planning to set up quarantine hotels per leaks to the British Media and track arriving passengers using GPS devices and facial recognition.

It is interesting to see what actions the government ends up taking and its effect on the country’s two major airlines of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.