Emirates Backpedals On Australia Cancellations: Reinstates Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Next Week


Emirates last week abruptly canceled all of its passenger services to Australia except two weekly flights to Perth.

The airline has decided to backpedal on the decision it made and will reinstate services to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane next week.

You can access Emirates here.

The airline released the following statement to 9News:

Emirates says the ramped up testing and quarantine situation will be “an added burden for our crew”.

“All our crew (cabin crew and pilots) operating on Australian flights were already mandated to take a PCR test 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure from Dubai. With the latest adjustments, these tests will be administered in their homes, and our crew will also observe self-quarantine in their homes from the moment of testing until their flight.

“Combined with the hotel quarantine and tests on arrival in Australia, this effectively means that our crew are in a ‘bubble’ from 48 hours before their flight, until they return to Dubai. This is an added burden for our crew as individuals, for our rostering, and operating costs, and therefore this decision was made after careful review and consideration.

“We are grateful that our wonderful crew teams are very understanding and supportive, which has enabled us to quickly restart passenger services.”

Here’s what took place earlier:

Emirates Cancels Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Flights Indefinitely Due To Government Policies


This is really difficult for the crews operating these flights to Australia.

They need to quarantine two days before the flight occurs, then operate the rather long flight, and quarantine during their layover in Australia.

The service between Dubai – Sydney is four times a week, Dubai – Brisbane twice a week, Dubai – Melbourne thrice a week, and Dubai – Perth twice a week.

Crews must quarantine anywhere from two to six nights at government-mandated hotels in Australia without allowed to venture out.

Are there any cockpit and cabin crew members who would voluntarily work on these flights when they are imprisoned for close to a week if they fly to Brisbane?

I am glad that Emirates decided to continue these flights to bring stranded Australians back home, but the arrangements from the airlines’ and crews’ perspectives are far from perfect.