Does Hilton Post Back-To-Back Stays & Honors Points And Milestone Bonuses Correctly?

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I often end up extending stays at hotels; my plans either change, or I like the hotel so much that I rather stay there longer.

This often creates issues with getting the correct number of nights, stays, points, and Milestone bonus points posted correctly in Hilton Honors’ case.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Stay 1:

The first stay posted correctly with the 10,000 Milestone bonuses.

Stay 2:

The second stay wiped the first stay to zero but included the earned points, including the milestone bonus on the points earned, and added line for the second 10,000 Milestone bonus.

Stay 3:

The third stay combined all the revenue, two of the milestone bonuses, and all other extras. There is an additional line for the third Milestone bonus.

Online breakdown:

All looks good.

Here’s the panoramic suite I had at the Hilton Helsinki Strand:


Hilton makes it extremely confusing to check that you have earned the correct number of points, especially on their disastrous website that shows the oldest stays and activities first, not the most recent ones that make absolutely no sense.

However, it appears that the points have been calculated correctly for my extended stay that I was a bit worried about looking at the online account statement first.

There should be a way to make this clearer, but there are limitations to what Salesforce software can do.