InterContinental Sydney Cancels A Stay Claiming $2,000 For Five Nights Is “Too Good To be True”?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a note about a booked stay at the InterContinental Sydney that the hotel has decided to cancel because they deem that a rate of $2,000 for five nights is “too good to be true.”

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You can access InterContinental Sydney here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Wonder if you can give me some advice.

About 2 weeks ago I snapped up a 5 night stay in a club room at the IC Sydney for the period 29th Dec to 2nd Jan. The rate worked out at over £1500 for the 5 nights.

I had no illusions about getting access to the club lounge on NYE and had other plans but I am more than annoyed at the arbitrary manner the hotel have cancelled the booking.

Their email was  copied below was not exactly clear and the last paragraph suggest it is all about the rate.

Have you any advice on how I can deal with this? Is this even allowed?

Here’s the response from the InterContinental Sydney to the reader:

Currently InterContinental Sydney has commenced a rooms enhancement project further elevating our luxury product.

I regret to inform you that due to a glitch between our systems a number of rooms which will be under renovation were made available for sale so we cannot honour your reservation for the New Year’s Eve period.

Your booking has been cancelled as the room inventory is not available.

Furthermore the Club Lounge area will be under renovation until mid-December so we cannot confirm if the space will be available until the renovation has been completed.

We have not opened this period for sale online so please join our waitlist by clicking here to be the first to be notified when we open our available rooms for sale.

Again I am very sorry to bring this news as I am sure you were delighted to have booked a great deal on these rooms, unfortunately it is a situation of too good to be true.

So, here we go again. Hotel loads a rate of more than $2,000 for five nights over the new year, and then cancels it and claims that the “situation of too good to be true”?

Paying more than $400 per night for a room at the InterContinental Sydney is too good to be true? Really?

The hotel is essentially a Crowne Plaza that carries the InterContinental flag. The club lounge views are great, but it serves no other purpose than to have drinks.

I have forwarded the reader’s email to the General Manager of InterContinental Sydney Jennifer Brown and the corporate for a response.

How can IHG Rewards Club members have any confidence in the rates they book on IHG’s website if $400 per night for a club room is considered “too good to be true” by the hotel?

UPDATE: We received the following comment from the hotel’s General Manager after publishing this article:

InterContinental Sydney is about to undertake a major refurbishment impacting both room inventory and public spaces which will complete in 2022. For that reason, we have currently closed the hotel to all bookings over the 21/22 New Year period as we simply don’t know what inventory we will have available to sell – you will see on www.ihg.com and on all OTAs that the hotel is listed as unavailable over that period.

Despite this, a small number of bookings appear to have come through a channel, which we can only assume is due to an IT issue somewhere. I can assure you we will be investigating.

This is not a misloaded rate issue – we would love to welcome these guests, especially at this challenging time when travel is severely reduced, and hotels are so grateful for all business. I’m afraid, in this case, we simply don’t know if we will have the inventory to sell on their chosen dates.

I absolutely understand Paul’s frustration, and recognise that our email may not have explained the situation clearly. I plan to contact him personally and, once we have a view closer to the time around what we will have available, will be in touch to discuss,

The General Manager also got back to the reader (truncated):

I want to assure you that your booking will be an absolute priority and as soon as we have clarity on which inventory and room types will be available, along with our special event booking terms and conditions we will be back in touch with you to assist with reservations.

Again, I am sincerely sorry that this error has occurred and I want to assure you we are conducting a full investigation as to how this IT issues has happened and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

I look forward to reverting back as soon as possible with booking options and welcoming you to InterContinental Sydney later this year. I will of course keep you updated on the renovation works and any impact this will have over the New Year’s Eve period.

Remember this was the same hotel that was faking the Royal Ambassador minibar rules:

Hotels Making Their Own Rules: Case InterContinental Sydney

And has been begging for positive feedback knowing their internal issues:

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Although I immensely enjoyed the Australia suite at this InterContinental:


InterContinental Sydney was one of the reasons why I ended up losing the Royal Ambassador status. I couldn’t get myself to stay at the hotel again with the ever postponed refurbishment and mostly lousy service.

There are far better hotels in Sydney within the same price range with far superior service.

Unfortunately, IHG has allowed the physical property and service at this hotel to deteriorate to the point that it should be mothballed.