Remember To Check What Marriott Hotel Facilities Are Open On Specific (Hidden) Website


Marriott launched a “secret” little-publicized website called What To Expect late summer (read more here) that allows members to check what hotel facilities, from F&B outlets to in-room dining, club lounges, and elite benefits are available in the current environment.

Some hotels, but not most, provide a link to this website that all guests should check before booking and checking in to any Marriott hotel. Marriott affiliated hotels have been very slow at bringing back benefits than Hilton and Hyatt (book away!).

Here’s the website:

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First, you need to figure out the hotel’s Marsha code; remember, Marriott tries very hard to hide this information.

Here’s the Marriott search screen for London:

When I hover my mouse over the London Marriott Hotel Country Hall, you can see the lower left-hand side’s five-letter code. The code for this hotel is LONCH

We then copy it to the

Oh well. Most closed and no benefits. Time to book away and let them know why!

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I was supposed to be in Cancun this weekend at a Westin as my friend loves the Royal Club there. When I plugged the hotel’s MARSHA code into WhatToExpect, I found out that most facilities were closed.

My friend was not eager to go if the stay was not pleasant and canceled the visit. I encouraged him to send the hotel a note of why he withdrew. Perhaps it makes them reconsider when facilities are opened if they plan to attract guests.

If hotels are not able to provide services to staying guests, better that they remain closed. Hotels that stay open can then have higher occupancy rates and have their facilities available.