Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan To Change Booking Classes & Mileage Earning From March 31, 2021


Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan has announced (added a footnote to their earning chart) that booking classes and mileage earning rates will change from March 31, 2021 – the day Alaska is joining the oneWorld Alliance.

While the new charts haven’t been revealed yet the main change seems to be that Alaska will do away with the “First Class” moniker and change it to “Business Class” and the respective booking classes.

This would be in line with the structure American AAdvantage has when the changed their program earning structure but what every is waiting for is to see if Alaska will modify the earning rates for flights in all classes during this change.

You can access Alaska Mileage Plan for AS flights here.

What’s drawing attention if the following footnote under the current chart:

The chart above applies to all travel through March 30, 2021. For travel on or after March 31, 2021 some fare classes and bonus levels will change. On February 23, 2021 we will share the new chart, and begin converting tickets. Flights booked in “F” class will convert to “J” and receive a 100% bonus; flights booked in “P” class will convert to “D” and receive a 50% bonus; and flights booked in “I” class will receive a 50% bonus.

This is their current chart:

What Alaska is saying here is that the booking class/es (F) that industry wide represent First Class will be eliminated and changed into those that unformly stand for Business Class (C, J, I).

F -> J will in the future receive a 100% bonus instead 75% which is the case right now.

I’m nervously looking at the earnings for Economy Class once their new charts are out as crediting 100% even for the lowest booking classes is very high and outside the industry norm these days.

The partner award charts don’t have any such notice attached to them at this point which is a big relief because those are really the sweet spot of Mileage Plan.

Earlier this month I wrote about Alaska Airlines introducing a new top tier level for 2022 so there are certainly big steps behind the scenes that we don’t know exact details about yet.

I can’t wait until Alaska becomes a full oneWorld member in three months time and I’m looking forward to finally be able to redeem my Alaska Miles on partner routes that were previously restricted.


On February 23, 2021 Alaska Airlines will publish the new chart and begin converting tickets (booking classes) from First Class to Business Class designators.

It’s hard to predict what will happen to their lower priced booking classes in Economy Class and while I don’t expect a total massacre lowering the earning rates for their lowest classes wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility.