American Express Platinum Perk For ShangriLa Jade Membership (+KrisFlyer Gold Fast Track) Ends March 31, 2021


Sad news for American Express Platinum members in some markets as the popular perk of ShangriLa Jade membership will no longer be available from March 31, 2021.

The Jade tier membership of ShangriLa Golden Circle that also came with the option of enrolling in a status challenge for Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Gold with just three SIA flight segments won’t be part of Amex portfolio anymore.

This perk has only been available in certain markets (APAC, Canada, EU) and for once not been open to U.S. Amex Platinum customers.

The Amerrican Express benefit pages for the ShangriLa partnerships now reflect that this is ending as per March 31, 2021.

You can find this for example on the page of the American Express Platinum ICC card (access here):

So according to the information on the various Amex websites the last date to enroll into ShangriLa Jade is March 31, 2021 and from that date on the status should be valid until the end of the following years membership circle (at least that was the case for me).

I just logged in and see that ShangriLa has extended my Jade membership until December 31st 2021:

It was originally due to expire on DEC 31, 2020. I have only used the benefit twice if I remember correctly and still haven’t utilized my KrisFlyer Infinite Journeys fast track yet.

I’ll make sure to enroll in the last week of December to finally get this going as my United Premier Gold will expire early 2022.

Golden Circle Jade and Diamond members enjoy complimentary KrisFlyer Elite Silver membership for one year after registering for membership status match benefits. Jade members also enjoy a membership upgrade to KrisFlyer Elite Gold after completing three qualifying flights on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir within four months of registration.

John previously wrote about the ShangriLa Jade / Singapore Airlines tier fast track (see here).


If your Amex Platinum currently has the ShangriLa Jade membership benefit then you’d do well to get the enrollment on the way before the cooperation ends on March 31st of this year.

I wonder what prompted this partnership to be terminated, maybe ShangriLa and Singapore Airlines figured out that very few Amex members actually use the Jade status for anything else other than matching to KrisFlyer Gold which might be the reason why ShangriLa status was never available for U.S. Amex customers.