Israel Bans All Flights Until January 31, 2021

On Sunday, the Israeli cabinet decided to close the country’s Ben Gurion airport until the end of January from 22 GMT on Monday to try to prevent more lethal mutations of Covid-19 from entering the country.

The country has already gone through several lock-downs, and citizens can now leave if they get a special permit.

Here’s an excerpt from the Jerusalem Post:

Ben-Gurion Airport will completely close until the end of the month starting Monday at midnight. The cabinet approved the decision in a meeting on Sunday.

The push to impose further restrictions on travel to and from Israel comes against the backdrop of new revelations about the infectiousness and suspected increased lethality of novel coronavirus variants that have developed in several areas around the world.

Moreover, the licenses of Israeli airlines have been temporarily suspended. No one will be allowed to leave the country except for receiving medical treatments, participating in legal proceedings or to attend the funeral of a relative. Other requests for humanitarian reasons will be examined and approved on an ad-hoc basis by the directors-general of the Health and Transportation ministries.


Israeli has been mostly closed for non-citizen arrivals already for a rather long time.

These new measurements merely deny its citizens returning until the end of January, unless the ban is further extended.