KLM Continues Long-Haul Flights

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Netherlands instituted a new antigen test performed not more than 4-hours of departure for all arrivals in addition to a negative PCR-RT test not more than 72-hours old

KLM City Hopper

KLM was threatening to cancel all long-haul flights and most short-haul ones that would require a night stop unless crews would get a waiver, and the government eventually gave in.

You can access KLM here.

Airlines are not allowed to transport passengers from the UK, South Africa, and South America to or through the Netherlands.

However, KLM continues to fly to some of these destinations but carries no passengers on the return legs to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam – Sao Paulo

KLM continues to fly close to daily. You can buy a ticket to Sao Paulo, but all flights back to Amsterdam have been zeroed out.

I would assume that KLM rebooks affected passengers through Paris or other hubs that don’t have strict requirements in a place like the Netherlands.

Here’s what happened earlier:

KLM Suspends All Long-Haul And Some European Flights From January 22, 2021

Netherlands Institutes Stricter Entry & Transit Requirements Effective January 23, 2021

KLM & Netherlands Require All Passengers To Have Negative Covid-19 PCR-RT Test Effective December 29, 2020 (Including Transit)


I am glad that the government and KLM were able to come with a solution that was acceptable for both parties so that some of the flights could continue.

KLM must be bleeding money on these flights that must fly back to Schiphol without any passengers, although they can carry cargo.