United Emails About Achieving Premier Gold (Again)


United Airlines sent out a surprise email yesterday congratulating me for reaching a Premier Gold-status in 2020.d

The problem is that I have not flown with United for years, and the Premier Gold is based on my lifetime activity with combined United Airlines and Continental. Merging the accounts back in the day made the total over a million flown miles.

You can access United’s page for lifetime status.

I am approaching 1.2M miles with United and have slowly burned down the stash of redeemable miles I have had sitting on the account.

Kirby could pay more attention to these automated emails. United, although a good airline for flights within the United States, has not been my choice for years.


I am glad that I got the lifetime Premier Gold (1P) when United and Continental merged mainly due to the lifetime Star Alliance Gold-status that helps when I find myself in the economy on alliance airlines.

It has been a surprise that United has made zero effort to get me to board their plane ever again.