Reader Email: Even More Hilton Honors Gold & Diamond Scams In China


A reader dropped us an email earlier in the month about how some “consolidators” were sharing Hilton Honors Gold and Diamond accounts with many while collecting the points in the process (read more here).

Now, there appears to be going widespread fraud when it comes to the Gold and Diamond-gifting that Hilton Honors introduced (read more here).

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Today, a famous Chinese blogger exposed another major mistake made by Hilton agents regards the Hilton diamond gift code.

The story is pretty simply. Some scammers who already got the Invitations via emails pretended they never received one, and sending the email to Hilton for extra gift code.

Somehow all these people got the invitations code again (some people did it more than three times already). It seems like not only Hilton did not stop sending the code to these scammers, they even sending more without checking the pervious requests.

Also, they obviously have no ability to check whether the current customer has actually received the initial invitations emails or not.

This is pretty frustrating that more and more sellers/scammers get these free “gifts” again due to the IT failures and careless.

I find it crazy that Honors appears not to figure to whom they have sent out the Gold & Diamond invitations and whether they have been used or not.

Some appear to take advantage of this in China by requesting multiple times and keep referring and creating additional Diamond accounts.

Here’s what we covered previously:

Reader Email: Hilton Honors Gold & Diamond Scams In China (Shared Accounts & Sold Invitations)

Here’s the Hilton’s Gold & Diamond offer:

Last Call: Hilton Honors Diamond Members Can Gift Gold/Diamond Until January 31, 2021


Unfortunately, Hilton appears to be turning a blind eye to this Honors scam in mainland China. When many share the same last name, it is challenging to authenticate the actual account owners.

This affects us that have qualified for the Diamond status the real way by staying at Hilton affiliated hotels who now need to “compete” with upgrades with these fake accounts.