Norwegian “Pauses” Its Rewards Program

Norwegian, a Norway based airline that used to have big ambition, sent out an email to its Rewards program members today that the program has been “paused.”

Norwegian Kjos

You may be able to use your points in the future for Norwegian flights, remember they will only have regional flights to/from Nordics in the future, and all the points expiring by the end of 2021 can be extended (you may have to take action).

You can access Norwegian’s page for recent developments here.

Here are the main points:

1. Pausing of Reward program benefits with Norwegian while in reconstruction process

We will be pausing the Norwegian airline-related benefits of our loyalty program. Your membership will remain active, but during this time it will not be possible for you to earn or spend CashPoints or Rewards on Norwegian’s products or services (flight tickets, extra baggage etc.). You will still be able to earn CashPoints with our other Reward partners.

2. Following the pause, a potential limit on CashPoint spend

Once the pause has ended, you’ll be able to earn and redeem CashPoints and Rewards on Norwegian’s products and services, but we will reserve a right to limit the spending of CashPoints as means of payment until the impact of the ongoing pandemic is under control and Norwegian’s commercial activities can return to a new normal.

3. An extension of CashPoints and Rewards validity

We recognise that the above changes, as well as the ongoing pandemic and government travel restrictions, may not allow you to earn and spend your CashPoints and Rewards as you would normally. With this in mind, we will be giving all members with CashPoints due to expire on 31 December 2021 the opportunity to extend the validity of those CashPoints by one full year. You will receive more information about this.

Here’s a copy of the email that Norwegian sent members in the US:

Here are the frequently asked questions:

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You have to keep in mind that Norwegian will go through reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings and come out as a regional airline in Northern Europe.

The airline has decided to end all long-haul flying as we have previously covered.

The Bank Norwegian, a separate entity once owned by the airline, sent out an email today telling that they will allow conversion of their points to cash (credit) instead of Norwegian points that you can not use.