Aegean Miles+Bonus Ditches Physical Membership Cards


Aegean announced today that the airline is “improving” your online experience that doesn’t mean that they would make getting a refund from the airline easier.

Miles+Bonus will, however, discontinue physical membership cards altogether, and you need to use the available on their app.

You can access Aegean here.

Here’s the announcement from the airline:

We improved your digital experience!

We continuously improve your online experience offering you quicker, easier and contactless use of your Silver or Gold card, which will be available only in online version.*

Log in now to your Miles+Bonus account, discover the new digital interface and get access to your card every moment. In case you wish to get the physical version of your Silver card, choose “Card issue” from your account.

*Note: Members that already have a physical card, can continue using it for their transactions up until the indicated expiration date.


The text doesn’t make much sense. You can only have digital membership cards, but can request a Silver-version of your membership card but not the Gold-one?

I am sure that more programs move away from physical membership cards that I don’t miss, but I tend to read through and like the other material that comes with the cards. They tend to have your membership benefits information in a very compact and easy to understand format.

These cards come in handy when you use one for benefits such as lounge access while crediting the flight itself to another program that I tend to do occasionally.