Loving Hilton’s Points Unlimited Promotion


Does anyone else love the Hilton’s latest global Honors promotion called Points Unlimited (read more here)?

The promotion started on January 1st, but I managed to lose two stays counting because I didn’t register when I wrote the piece, and it ends on May 2, 2021.

You can access Hilton’s page for this promotion here.

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Here’s what posted to my fifth stay that took place on Saturday:

You should prorate the 5,000 points for each of the nights you consumed, so a 1,000 bonus applies to this stay.

You should add the portion of the Milestone bonuses (an additional 1,000 or so) that you start earning starting at 20 nights this year, and the 2,000 bonus for each stay + Diamond bonus.

Even when you “regulate” the stay, it is an astounding number of points earned for a stay of $50 or so.

Remember the changes that Hilton instituted for 2021:

Hilton Honors Program Changes For 2021

And the Points Unlimited-promotion:

Hilton Honors members earn 2,000 bonus points for every stay + an additional 5,000 points every five nights through May 2, 2021.

Hilton Honors Points Unlimited January 1 – May 2, 2021

You can also buy points with a 100% Bonus:

Waldorf Astoria Maldives

Hilton Honors Buy Points 100% Bonus Through March 5, 2021


I am squeezing in one night Hilton stays around my longer stays at the Hyatt this February to maximize my point earnings. Hilton’s promotion is excellent for short stays while Hyatt’s one is equal regardless of the stay length.

There is an additional piece coming out of this property this coming Sunday (can anyone guess what it might be?).

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