TBT: Yangon Airfare Specials In 2012


Considering what is going on in Burma or Myanmar at the moment, a military coup, we’ll have a throwback to 2012 when the country was opening up and decided to devalue its currency overnight.

Airlines price their tickets in local or other currencies, and IATA back then updated the tables used for currency conversions on a weekly basis.  That timing opened up plenty of “specially” priced flight opportunities if you managed to get the ticket issued in or from Myanmar.

Nowadays, airlines would cancel tickets, but back then, most were honored even after some were suspended.

Over a few hours, I managed to put quite an itinerary together with AA that first failed automated ticketing. I called AA’s number in the UK and spoke with the gentleman who told me that he is “cleaning” up the PNR and then put it back to a ticketing queue.

I was surprised that he didn’t question the price of the 14 segments business and first-class ticket at all, and it was issued a few hours later.

And it helped me make an Executive Platinum that year before I started to credit most Oneworld flights to BA to get lifetime Emerald.


I have one interesting anecdote from this trip. I arrived in Vancouver and really didn’t want to spend time in the city, so I rang AA reservations from the airport who then told me that she doesn’t believe that I would prefer changing the flight because of the charge ($20K+) involved with it.

Well. I just walked to the BA check-in that changed the flight, and off I went without any additional fee and in first-class even when that specific segment was ticketed in business.

The 2000s and early 2010s were good times for “specially” priced premium tickets (not just mistakes) that have become rare nowadays, or airlines cancel and refund them.

Let’s hope that Myanmar’s army accepts the voters’ will rather than puts the military in indefinite power again. I want to revisit the country soon to see the development level since my last visit in the early 2010s.