Nordic Choice Elite Benefit Changes In 2021

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Nordic Choice, an affiliate of Choice hotels based in Norway, has its own loyalty program (Nordic Choice Club) with a selection of benefits.

There will be some benefit addition and reductions on the program per the email that Nordic Choice Club just sent out.

You can access Nordic Choice’s page for elite benefits here.

Remember that Nordic Choice Club is separate from Choice Privileges, and their benefits won’t overlap. Nordic Choice Club benefits are not valid outside of their hotels, and Choice Privileges benefits won’t apply at these hotels in the Nordics.

However, you can redeem Choice Privileges points for stays at Nordic Choice hotels, but not the other way around (confusing, right?).

Here are the changes:

We all like discounts.

They want you to their coffee shop to get free coffee and buy something else to go with it.

I have no idea how these vouchers work.

This is a change that I don’t like. You no longer get benefits if booked through 3rd party channels, but rather 500 points.

Suites are excused from Platinum upgrades anyway. Are they going to upgrade your reservation when you make it?

Shirt laundry is a valuable benefit that is going away. I always launder my dress shirts at a hotel, or a laundry shop + some hotels offer x-number as a benefit per day or stay (I really like those hotels).

Nordic Choice Club tier matrix:


I actually do like free laundry at hotels where it is offered, as I often send shirts to be laundered. It is sad to see this benefit go.

Free coffee may sound nice, but how many will go visit a hotel just for a complimentary coffee without buying something else too (revenue enhancement for them in reality).