Can You Trust Disclaimers & Service Availability Shown On Hilton’s Website & App For Hotels?


Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott hotels display disclaimers on their respective sites what services are or are not available or limited at various hotels due to the current environment.

I have found the information to be mostly correct but faced two issues with Hilton last week in Guadalajara in Mexico.

You can access Hilton here.

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1. DoubleTree Guadalajara Centro Historico

They claim to provide evening social, but nobody at the property was aware of this. I was given the DoubleTree cookie.

Video of the “suite” I had:

2. Hilton Guadalajara

They claim not to have Complimentary Evening Social when in fact, they do.

Video of the suite I had:

Hilton’s take:

I was in touch with Hilton to determine why the information is out of date or simply not correct and what steps Honors members should take.

Here are the responses from the Hilton’s spokesperson:

How does Hilton ensure that the information displayed through your reservation system is correct?

The safety and security of our guests and team members remains our highest priority. Due to the business impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, some properties’ services and amenities may need to be temporarily modified or suspended. Guests should contact their hotel prior to their stay to confirm available services, as well as review the latest local rules and/or restrictions that may be in place. As Hilton continues to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, visit for the latest updates on reservations, member benefits and more.

How can members booking directly be sure that the information displayed during the booking process is valid?

With fast-changing local rules and restrictions and with our focus on the safety and security of our guests and team members as our highest priority, guests are advised to reach out to the hotel directly to review of the available amenities ahead their stay.

What steps should members take that expect to get their evening social per information displayed on your website when the hotel doesn’t provide one?

As our hotels closely follow local restrictions and guidelines, the guest experience and level of changes may vary market-to-market. Our hotel teams work hard to update guest communications to ensure they meet – or exceed – expectations prior to and during their stay.

While the menu or amenities at various properties may have been modified, our commitment to hospitality has never been stronger. We understand that certain elements of the stay are important to guests, and we will reactivate the offerings at our hotels when the environment is right, when we can safely do so and in accordance with local laws.


It is understandable that the service information changes when the city/area/country’s epidemiological situation develops for good or worse.

I cannot understand why properties cannot keep their property service information up to date on the Hilton channels? Complimentary evening happy hour service with hors devours is an essential part of Diamond benefits, and many may choose the property based on its availability.

My advice is to contact Hilton’s customer service or Guest Assistance if the services displayed during the booking process are not available. Once the Guest Assistance intervention fees start to show up at GM’s reports, I am sure that the eagerness to update the information suddenly changes.