Lufthansa Miles&More Credit Card Closes In The UK


Sebastian wrote last week (read more here) about a new offer from Lufthansa that allows Miles&More members to earn up to 30,000 status miles merely by swiping their affiliated credit cards.

This won’t work for Miles&More card members in the UK, as the issuer has informed account holders that their cards will be closed within two months of receiving the letter that a reader forwarded to us.

You can access the Miles&More UK card website here.

Here’s a copy of the letter received:

FAQs on the website:

There is an indication that Miles&More card could be back for the UK market under a different arrangement.


Credit card swipe fees are capped at a reasonable level in Europe, and card issuers have trouble running their programs profitably, and hence we have seen quite a few products disappear in the past year.

Also, perhaps Europeans are a bit more reasonable and don’t tend to carry high-interest credit card debt to the same extent as those living in North America.

Let’s see if there is another Miles&More card issued for those wishing to collect Lufthansa miles in the market.

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