UPDATE On Stay Postings For “Work From Hyatt” Elite Qualifying Day Rates (Sub $50) In Bangkok


Three weeks ago I wrote about Hyatt Hotels currently running the “Work from Hyatt” program which are basically day rates at extremely moderate prices – and the rates are fully elite qualifying.

After browsing through social media I came across advertisements of Hyatt properties in Bangkok that offer these rates for as little as 1,290 Baht ($42) which were the lowest I’ve seen for this rate type worldwide.

In combination with the current double elite night promotion and the 50% lowered requirements for this years Globalist tier it would be possible to clock in the 15 nights needed for this at a cost of US$750, assuming one really needs to prop up all 30 nights and there are no other Hyatt stays.

You can find more details about the Work from Hyatt program on their website (access here).

It won’t feel like work when you choose to Work from Hyatt – whether you stay local for the day or treat yourself to an extended work adventure.  Plus, you’ll be rewarded by earning World of Hyatt points and elite Tier-Qualifying Night credits – including those from Bonus Journeys, whether you work with us for the day, the week or even longer.

This presents a unique opportunity for those hunting Hyatt Globalist status or want to up their elite night count.

I don’t have to make Globalist from scratch as I’m Hyatt Diamond / Globalist for 12+ consecutive years already but I decided to make some bookings and see how things go with these rates and stayed at both the Grand Hyatt and the Hyatt Regency Bangkok in recent weeks.

I booked the following rates:

  • Overnight rate at Grand Hyatt Bangkok
  • Day Rate (Work from Hyatt “OFFICE”) at Grand Hyatt Bangkok
  • Day Rate (Work from Hyatt “OFFICE”) at Hyatt Regency Bangkok

Obviousy the regular overnight (Prive) rate posted just fine. When it came to the office rates it got more tricky.

One reservation at the Regency was extended at the hotel to a multi day stay and I asked to keep the same room to leave stuff behind in there, not having to do a new checkin process every day. While that worked the way the stay posted was a complete mess with 3 nights less than the total and I was on the phone with Hyatt for an hour to rectify this.

In all cases the reservations for one night only posted initially like this:

This didn’t look good but I thought why not first let it sit a few days and then later deal with all these issues collectively.

It turned out that overnight this credit changed automatically to a correct count:

This ended up being the case with all my one day stays under the OFFICE rate code. Who knows what causes these credits and corrections but so far each one day stay has been corrected automatically.

I propped up my account to 22 nights after the promotion nights hit. The rest of the nights I’ll do organically and the stay at the Hyatt’s actually made sense for me. Both hotels also extended Globalist benefits to me which included suite upgrade, breakfast and evening service at the club lounge. This mitigates the cost for the day rate by a lot, even without alcohol (still banned in Bangkok at the moment).

Upper image: Breakfast at Market Cafe, Lower Image: Dinner Options at the Club Lounge HR BKK.

Allowing the existing Globalist to consume breakfast and dinner/drinks at the lounge is generous. Then again, it’s really easy money for the hotel which has an occupancy rate about about 10% and sometimes less. What I pay for a day room here locals can get a full overnight for including club access. Downside: This is a promotion through a voucher system that doesn’t allow for WOH stay credit so for my purposes completely useless.

On my previous article one reader commented that Hyatt also has extremely low rates in Malaysia and indeed I found that the Alila Bangsar in KL is super cheap so that’s another opportunity.


These “Work from Hyatt” rates are fully elite qualifying both for nights and points under the Bonus Journeys promotion. You will be able to achieve status at a very low cost or in the very least add some nights to your account that way.

I had a few nights rolled over from December and will clock in maybe a few more nights in Bangkok this month just to get my account to ~ 22 nights on the cheap. I’ll definitely stay at other Hyatt hotels this year though I’m not sure how many stays I’ll realistically be able to clock in this year given the travel restrictions.