Cathay Pacific Drastically Cuts Flights Due to 14-Day Crew Quarantine Requirement


Cathay Pacific warned the Hong Kong SAR government last month (read more here) that it could not continue long-haul flying if its crew members returning to home would be required to quarantine for two weeks at hotels followed by an additional 7 days of medical surveillance.

Cathay Pacific

SCMP reports that the airline late on Wednesday issued a tentative plan that would stop most flights when the quarantine requirement begins on February 20, 2021.

You can access Cathay Pacific here.

Cathay Pacific continues to fly according to SCMP to Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and one-way from Hong Kong to London and from Amsterdam to Hong Kong. Also, one Hong Kong – Tel Aviv flight will proceed (return leg scrapped).

The airline continues to fly following regional destinations: Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Jakarta, Surabaya, Osaka, Tokyo, Manila, Singapore, and Bangkok.

The crews operating these flights will have an interesting roster according to the SCMP:

Cathay will be placing crews at a company hotel at its airport headquarters, and one supplied by its parent shareholder Swire Pacific.

Crews will be paid extra allowances while flying continuously for three weeks, before they quarantine, imposing an extra cost on the airline as it loses revenue from cutting flights.

Here’s what has taken place earlier:

Cathay Pacific Sends A Warning to Hong Kong SAR Government

Hong Kong Mulls 14-Day Quarantine For Airline Crews


It is a rather tricky situation for Cathay Pacific because crews returning to Hong Kong essentially need to quarantine for 21 days. Other airlines that continue their Hong Kong service either double crew the flights or have a one-stop service with a crew change.

I would like to see what kind of flying schedule these crews have that will continuously work for three weeks before doing the three-week quarantine.

They must spend most of the time outside of Hong Kong and perhaps have a night at a crew hotel in Hong Kong while switching flights. There are minimum rest requirements in place.

Considering that many countries are putting up more barriers to travel, there must be very little demand for flights to/from Asia-Pacific at the moment.

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