Canada Introduces Mandatory Hotel Quarantine For Incoming Air Passengers On February 22, 2021


The news came out from Ottawa on Friday that the mandatory 72-hour hotel quarantine for all arriving air passengers would start on February 22, 2021.

Canadian Government was recently taking applications from hotels that would become quarantine centers (read more here) in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto & Montreal (only airports accepting international arrivals).

Canada began requiring a negative PCR-RT test from all air arrivals from February 4 (read more here), and this is extended to the land border on February 15, 2021 (read more here).

The 72-hour hotel quarantine is in place to conduct PCR-RT tests from all air arrivals, and those who test positive are then moved from the hotel to other government “designated” facilities.

When passengers are released from the hotel quarantine, they need to continue quarantining at their place of residence for a total of 14 nights.

Here’s an excerpt from the CBC:

Trudeau said the measures are in place to keep Canadians safe, particularly given the threat of the emerging variants.

“We’re trying to keep people safe and keeping Canadians safe from the viruses and discouraging all nonessential travel and ensuring that if people do have to travel, they’re doing the things that we can be certain are going to prevent the virus from spreading,” he told reporters outside Rideau Cottage Friday.

“We’re aware that that we need to be thoughtful and compassionate about people who are in extremely difficult situations and absolutely need to travel. We’re not trying to punish people.”

Health Minister Patty Hajdu said travellers will need to book a hotel in the city in which they first arrive in Canada, either Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto or Montreal. Hotel booking information will be available online as of Thursday.

Trudeau has estimated the potential cost of the three-day quarantine hotel stay at $2,000.

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I would say that a price tag of C$2,000 for a three-night stay with a Covid-19 PCR-RT test and meals should come with lovely accommodation of a like of Ritz-Carlton or Sofitel rather than airport Marriott or Holiday Inn, or the indicated price must be incorrect.

Canada tries to curb all leisure travel by putting these roadblocks in place. It dealt with the airlines to stop all “sun” flights to leisure destinations for several months.