100% Hampton Guarantee


You don’t often find me staying at a Hampton Inn-property, although 42% of Hilton affiliated hotels (number wise) were them as of January 2020 (when we last did the count – read more here).

I have now stayed at two Hampton Inn properties in Mexico over the past two months, and they have performed exceptionally well. However, you don’t see Hilton promoting Hampton Inns’ “100% Hampton Guarantee” as much as they used to.

You can access Hampton Inn here and here.

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When I was staying at their Villahermosa-property, they had the guarantee signs displayed all over the front desk that intrigued me to dig deeper what is the current status of the program

It is listed on Hilton’s page (read more here) about Hampton:

There is also another Hampton Inn-page (we got this address from Hilton) where is more prominently displayed:

and there is a lightbox displaying more comprehensive information.

The 100% Hampton Promise promise now is:

Making you happy makes us happy. So, if we can make your stay better, talk to any member of our team, and we’ll make sure you’re 100% happy. GUARANTEED™

It has been reasonably recently modified because it used to be:

If you’re not 100% satisfied, we don’t expect you to pay. That’s our promise and your guarantee.

And it still states this text on the first page we have listed above, but the refund part has been omitted from the second one.


So, if something is not right with your Hampton Inn stay, let the front desk or manager know. They should be able to fix it.

The guarantee is a bit vaguer today because they no longer say that “they don’t expect you to pay” unless you are satisfied or cannot fix the issue. If a significant problem cannot be fixed and you are not 100% happy, they should comp the stay or contact the Guest Assistance afterward.

Have you ever exercised the guarantee, and how did it go? And no. I haven’t exercised the guarantee recently (I may have once in the early 2000s), but more of the positive aspects of my stays later this week.