Reader Email: What Happened To Four Holiday Inn Hotels In Italy (Disappeared From IHG Search)


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a note about four Holiday Inn hotels in Italy that have all suddenly disappeared from the IHG’s website.

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You can access IHG Hotels here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

just few words to inform you that in Italy IHG lost (in my knowledge) at least 4 Holiday Inn hotels: Milan Assago, Milan Linate, Rome Aurelia, Venice Mestre.

I dont know if the loss is due to COVID or other previous problems or a mix of both.

I just checked the official IHG website and the 4 hotels are no longer visible on the platform.

I personally physically checked, yesterday, the location of HI Milan Assago and found that the branded hotel signs are totally dismantled; even the generic, not branded, “HOTEL” sign top on the roof, is no longer present.

All four hotels are property of Alliance Alberghi SRL.

Here’s the statement we received from the IHG Hotels spokesperson:

As of the end of January, Holiday Inn Milan Assago, Holiday Inn Milan Linate, Holiday Inn Rome Aurelia and Holiday Inn Venice Mestre have exited the IHG system of hotels as the franchise agreement between IHG Hotels & Resorts and Alliance Alberghi SRL came to an end.

We remain committed to quality growth in Italy and as a Group, IHG will continue to look to expand our brands in the right locations with hotel owners.


As we have previously predicted, there will be plenty of hotel reflags, deflags, and bankruptcies due to a very challenging operating environment.

Hoteliers with plenty of debt may find it easier to hand in the keys to the lender or file for bankcryoty. In Europe, the latter usually means hotel closing, at least temporarily.

It is unclear why the Alliance Alberghi SRL decided to end their agreement with IHG, and according to the reader, at least one of the hotels is not even open as of today. Not sure what the situation is with the other four, and if they will reopen at some points, and if yes, under what brands.

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