Email From British Airways: “Mr John, your account is at risk of being closed”


A LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded an email that they had received from British Airways, and the reader thought that the tone was not right.

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You can access BA here.

Here’s a note from the reader:

I reached out on Facebook as I thought that the tone of this was horrid and while it has been some time since I used BA COVIT has been around for a year as well and with Singaporeans not allowed to travel without permission / proof of reasons to travel as well as having to pay for quarantine on return . . . my reaction to this is to get them to get stuffed.

It’s not a biggie as I dont have that many points etc. but it’s just they way they present it is BA (Bloody Awful).

Here’s the text of the BA’s email:


I do agree with the reader that the tone on BA’s email is not right, and incorrect for the current environment.

The airline has extended tiers and just further pushed out the expiry date of various vouchers for the second time by six months. Why would they close On Business accounts? This doesn’t make any sense.

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