Aegean Miles+Bonus Email About 23 Unused Coupons


When I received an email from Aegean’s Miles+Bonus yesterday with the headline “Miles+Bonus | You have 23 unused coupons in your account”, I was like, what the heck is going on with my account, and what these vouchers are for?

I knew that I probably have Aegean Miles+Bonus upgrade vouchers (you need to call in to use them), and I have found an easier and more efficient way to upgrade their flights (PlusGrade).

You can access Aegean Miles+Bonus Here

I decided to have a look at what the coupons are for, and most of them are junk:


The only worthwhile vouchers are the upgrade ones with Aegean that I have found too complicated to use (you cannot apply them online), and instead, do a paid upgrade with PlusGrade (a company that processed them for Aegean).

All these other vouchers are essentially cash for Aegean. They get a commission if you happen to turn one in and end up spending hundreds of euros more.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Aegean’s Miles+Bonus program for crediting my Star Alliance flights (reasonably priced awards that are not destroyed by credit cards – you need to fly), but they haven’t been one of the better airlines when it comes to refunds.