Reader Email: Marriot’s New App No Longer Shows Upgraded Room/Suite Type?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a note about a feature they have come across on the new Marriott app that would be a downgrade to the old one.

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You can access Marriott here.

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Here’s a message from the reader:

Did you notice the Marriott app no longer shows upgraded rooms?

On my last three stays, it was just showing the Standard room type, even though I had been upgraded already.

Today in Amsterdam, after doing the Mobile Checkin, I can even see the room number for the upgraded room, however still show Deluxe room.

Disregard… just because I told you that, now that I actually checked in it shows the right room

It seems that way, only after checkin. I’ve got a stay in Paris tomorrow and I know for a fact I have already been upgraded, still shows the standard room.

I guess this makes a bit of sense, to manage expectations. Some people probably complain and get upset if they have an upgrade, which is later changed. Since it’s subject to space, I guess they don’t want this discussion.

Marriott’s app and the website have shown your new room/suite type once the hotel has touched the reservation and processed the upgrade.


Have you noticed a difference in how the new Marriott app displays your upgraded room/suite type? Is it only visible once you have checked in?

I have the next Marriott stay coming up on Thursday next week and cannot test this feature before.

It would be an unfortunate event to prevent displaying information that is important to the consumer. In recent years, many companies have tried to prevent you from accessing information of importance and be as vague as possible (not right).

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