Aegean Miles+Bonus Email Blunder


Aegean has been sending out emails today to its Miles+Bonus members promising them a gift.

The “gift” must be a website that is inaccessible through the internet or the app. The app returns a Server Error while the website just keeps spinning.

You can access Aegean here.

Here’s a copy of the email that Aegean sent out:

Here’s an error that the app returns:

Ever spinning website:

UPDATE: A few hours later, I was able to log into my account:

1,000 Miles+Bonus miles, but you need to “activate” the gift!

The miles were posted to my account instantaneously.


Aegean should have sent out these emails over few days in batches rather than bringing its website and app down when people try to check what their gift is (likely % off flight coupon or few miles.