SAS Eurobonus Extends Member Tiers By 12 Months

SAS has extended Eurobonus tiers expiring between May 31 – August 31, 2021, by an additional 12 months.


They previously extended tiers in April 2020 that were set to expire by the end of February 2021 (read more here). There must have been another policy covering March 1 – May 31 that we didn’t cover.

You can access SAS Eurobonus here.

Here’s the email in Danish that SAS sent out:

And Google’s translation:


We will continue to service and reward our most loyal travelers – even in these difficult times, when it is not possible to collect the qualifying points or flights you need to maintain your current EuroBonus status.

As a thank you for your loyalty, we extend your current membership level by 12 months. * We do this automatically if your qualification period ends between 31 May – 31 August 2021. It is a condition that you have achieved your level at your own merit, either via earning Basispoint, Statuspoint, travel with SAS and Widerøe, or if your membership has previously been automatically extended by us.

If your current membership is Gold or higher, your previous qualifying period will count towards your consecutive Lifetime Gold years, even if you have not met the requirements of the EuroBonus program’s rules for Lifetime Gold.

Your membership will be renewed at the expiration date of your current membership level. You can easily access your membership card in our SAS App. We hope you enjoy having a digital membership card from now on – it’s one of the many ways we work towards operating more sustainably. If you still prefer to have a physical membership card, you can simply log in to your EuroBonus profile to order one.

We are constantly monitoring the situation closely and look forward to welcoming you on board again!

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SAS is in a better position to rebound once the Covid-19 is behind us (hopefully in the second half of 2021) than previously due to Norwegian’s near-collapse, which has been forced to cut most routes.

As I have stated previously, airlines, especially, don’t have any other choice than to continue rollover status members by a year or two due to international travel either strongly discouraged or banned.