Hilton Texas Donation Match


Hilton Effect Foundation has decided to match point donations made to Team Rubicon through PointWorthy through March 13, 2021, for a maximum of 10 million points.

Hilton opened its first-ever hotel in Texas more than 100 years ago and, I believe that many of those emails and inquiries sent to the Diamond Desk are replied to from a contact center in the state.

You can access PointWorthy here.

Here’s a note that Hilton sent us:

Hilton opened its first-ever hotel in Texas more than 100 years ago, and today, we have a corporate office and reservation center, as well as more than 500 hotels across the state. The past few weeks, we’ve seen first-hand the disruption and devastation these communities have experienced.

So, in addition to matching cash donations to Direct Relief, the Hilton Effect Foundation will match donations made by Hilton Honors Members via PointWorthy. Donations will support Team Rubicon, an organization providing on-the-ground aid to those impacted.

Hilton Honors Members can visit here to donate through the redemption of Points and Hilton will match the donation, up to 10 million Points, through March 12.


The value of Honors point, when donated through PointWorthy, is 0.29 cents (less than one-third of a cent) each.


If you have points that you have no use for and would like to support relief efforts in Texas, it may be an excellent option to donate some points (which will also extend the validity you have left in your account my 12 months).

Unfortunately, there was no option to make a donation using a credit card, or it was not enabled for this cause.