Remember To Check That Correct Spend Credited: Case Thompson Zihuatanejo


It usually makes sense that you have been credited roughly the correct number of points and nights for your stays.

I recently had a stay at a lovely Thompson resort in Zihuatanejo. I extended my stay by three nights, and what was posted to my World of Hyatt account was quite off.

You can access Thompson Zihuatanejo here.

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Here’s what posted:

And here’s after correction:

The stay was corrected from 2 to 6 nights, and the revenue went up to generate more than 2,000 additional points.

Here are videos of the two suites I had at the property:


You have to be careful with some of the rates you book if you believe that you have been uncredited points.

There are countries, like most in Europe, where businesses must disclose tax-inclusive rates from the getco, but you won’t earn points for the tax-portion, however.

I liked this Thompson property in Zihuatanejo a lot that previously was a Viceroy and is already 30 years old (you couldn’t tell). I’ll be back.