Marriott Email About Spring Adventures In The UK & Ireland When Non-Essential Travel Is Banned Until May 17, 2021


Marriott has been emailing out hilarious offers for Bonvoy members in the UK & Ireland, inviting them for a spring adventure when non-essential overnight stays in England are banned.

England released its framework for opening up the country (read more here) and the earliest when leisure overnight stays are allowed is May 17, 2021, and this offer expires at the end of March.

You can access Marriott’s offer for the UK and Ireland here.

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Here are the destinations that Marriott pushes:

Overnight Leisure Stays are Banned At Least Until Mid-May:

UK May Not Allow Foreign Travel Until Early Fall (August)

Recent Blunders from British Airways:

Latest Email From BA: Ready For Adventure In London?

British Airways Sends An Email To Visit Britain!


Not sure why large corporations like Marriott and BA cannot calibrate their marketing communication and stop these emails that go against the rules in place?

BA recently invited Executive Club members for Spring Breaks in the UK (read more here and here) when, as I noted above, the leisure stays are banned at least until mid-May, and perhaps longer.