Qantas Mystery Flights Make A Return This Spring With Departures From BNE/MEL/SYD – Book From March 4th!


Qantas is bringing back their popular Mystery Flights with departures being available ex Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney with varying dates for these events between March 27 – May 1, 2021.

The announcement comes on the heels of the Australian Governments announcement that the international travel ban will be extended for another three months through June 17, 2021.

These Mystery Flights offer a great opportunity to those Australians who suffer from severe travel withdrawal and just want to get on a plane to have a fun day (of course now you can also book regular domestic trips these days).

You can access Qantas website for these flights here (tickets go on sale tomorrow, March 4th).

By popular demand and for a limited time only, we’re bringing back the mystery flight with a twist.

We’ll operate a series of exclusive Mystery Flight adventures where you book a flight without knowing what destination you’ll end up in until you join 120 others on a surprise adventure day outing. The destination will be revealed as the aircraft commences its descent. You’ll also be able to live track your flight path on the seat back screens.

You could be sipping chardonnay amongst the grapevines of an award-winning vineyard, dipping your toes in the turquoise waters of a tropical island, or enjoying country hospitality at its finest. Whatever you end up doing, it will involve a scrumptious lunch.

We last offered mystery flights back in the 1990s where passengers would arrive at the airport and be placed on a scheduled flight to any destination across the Qantas network.

Our new mystery flight adventures will offer a private charter Qantas B737 flight to and from the surprise location and a tailored itinerary on the ground to ensure you get the most out of your day trip. We’re working behind the scenes to create some truly wonderful experiences both on the ground and in the air.

This sounds a really fun day especially for those who have an affinity for aviation and just need to be on a plane again to gain back some sanity in these testing times.

Here are the event dates available:

Qantas will run three of these flights: Brisbane on March 27th, Sydney on April 18th and Melbourne on May 1st.

The destination description is as follows:

Flights from Brisbane

This is the perfect getaway for you if you love:

  • country hospitality,
  • gourmet food and wine, and
  • the great outdoors.

Flights from Sydney

This is the perfect getaway for you if you love:

  • the tropics,
  •  salt water on your skin, and
  • long lunching on the beach.

Flights from Melbourne

This is the perfect getaway for you if you love:

  • the great outdoors, including a little walking,
  • gourmet food and wine, and
  • regional farmers markets.

The exact destination is as the name of the event says a mystery, you won’t know about it until short before the arrival or by guessing it right while following the flight path on the moving map (or by cheating and pulling the flight data up on websites such as Flightaware as I assume QF still would have to file a proper flight plan).

The pricing looks pretty steep to me:

  • Business Class AU$1,579.00
  • Economy Class AU$737.00

Customers can collect Qantas Points plus Status Credits for these flights as indicated.

Remember this is on a Boeing 737 not a long haul twin aisle aircraft with luxurious cabin interior.

Included in this package are:

Your day will start at 7am with breakfast in the Qantas lounge in your departure city, and include a full day outing, returning in the early evening.

You’ll also enjoy:

  • private charter Qantas B737 return flights,
  • exclusive merchandise,
  • inflight food and beverages,
  • gift bag for all passengers,
  • an activity tailored to showcase the best of the destination,
  • a special lunch, and
  • some flights will feature scenic flybys.

If you’re travelling in Business, you’ll also receive:

  • additional gift bag items,
  • Business food and beverages,
  • priority boarding, and
  • additional benefits during the activity.

From my perspective booking this in Business Class doesn’t make much sense on a 737. Spending an extra $800 for slightly more benefits. I’d rather book two of these trips in Economy.

This is more to improve brand visibility rather than making a profit. It’s a marketing event despite the rather high price tag. Hopefully the while trip is worth it.


This sounds like a really fun itinerary and I’d be inclined to book one of these trips in Economy and enjoy the program on the ground plus whatever entertainment they have planned in the air. The price for a package in Economy is US$ 570 as per current exchange rates. Considering this is only a daytrip that’s a steep price but if you’re holed up at home for the past year and without any option for international travel maybe a small price to pay.

I expect these packaged to sell out quick tomorrow so if you’re in Australia and seek to book one of these I’d set myself an alert and book fast. Qantas says the packages are available from midday tomorrow whatever this means.

Will any one of our readers go on such a flight?