China Now Requires Anal Swab From All International Arrivals


China has had rigorous entry requirements in place since early 2020 with mandatory and lengthy quarantine at government-mandated hotels, including pre and post-arrival Covid-19 PCR-RT tests.

China now requires rather invasive anal swabs, performed at the airport, from all international arrivals. According to China, the virus is better identifiable from stool samples than from nose or throat swabs.

The anal swab is performed by inserting a moistened cotton ball into your rectum five centimeters deep and then rotating few times.

Here’s an excerpt from the Times:

China says that the anal swab provides a higher degree of accuracy than most established Covid-19 testing protocols. The expansion of the swab test to airports that now include the hubs of Beijing and Shanghai is part of more sweeping “scientific adjustments” to China’s pandemic-control measures, according to the government.

In Beijing, a Chinese man who returned to the country told state media that he was required to take a nasal or throat swab test on his third and seventh days of a three-week quarantine. Then on the 14th and 21st day, authorities performed the anal swab test and collected samples from his room to test for the virus.

Chinese doctors have used anal swab tests on recovered Covid-19 patients to ensure they were virus-free. In January the government applied the method on some residents placed in isolation in part of a northern city following a minor outbreak.


What wouldn’t we be willing to do in the fight to try to prevent the spread of Covid-19? For me, at least, it would be forced anal swabs at airports around the world, and especially in China.

There must be better ways to identify whether you have an on-going Covid-19 infection rather than doing these very invasive anal swabs?