Marriott’s New iPhone App Won’t Show Upgraded Room/Suite (Use Android Or Website)


Several readers reported (read more here) that Marriott Bonvoy’s new iPhone/Apple app was “enhanced” not to show the upgraded room/suite type that hotels tend to process during the overnight shift on the day on arrival.

I can confirm that this is indeed the case. You can still check the upgraded room/suite type using the website “trick” or Android.

You can access Marriott Bonvoy here.

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Here’s how we covered this app issue in late February:

Reader Email: Marriot’s New App No Longer Shows Upgraded Room/Suite Type?

So, I had a two-night reservation last week at a Renaissance hotel in Cancun.

Here’s how the reservation was showing the night before on my iPhone:

And here what the Android Bonvoy app showed:


You cannot modify the reservation within 24 hours even if yours is cancelable easily, but there is a workaround, as there is usually everything Marriott-related.

You need to click the link to “search” for a reservation that you would typically use for a booking that was done without your Marriott Bonvoy number attached.

Then it opens up a lightbox with “Reservation Look-Up.” You need to plug in your first and last names, reservation number, and check-in date.

And voila! Then the website shows your reservation.

Here’s a video of the suite I had at the Renaissance Cancun Marina:


It makes you sometimes wonder if Marriott makes its apps and websites so challenging to use on purpose?

You cannot easily cancel a “reservation in progress” even when it is cancelable. You need to use the method above that 99% or so with reservations don’t have access.

Why would you need to search for a reservation that is shown on the same screen?

Also, why the iPhone app won’t show the upgrade? I have been in touch with the Marriott spokesperson, who has told us it will be coming back to the iPhone app.