British Airways Advises/Forces You To Change Password Due To SITA Hack


SITA, a company providing services to the transportation industry, including airlines, which also own it, was hacked last week, and frequent flier information of many airlines was breached.

Among many other airlines, British Airways sent out an email to affected members, but unlike others, it required everyone affected to change their account passwords.

You can access BA here.

Here’s the mail that BA sent out:

When I logged into my Executive Club account, there was no notice to change the password or do anything. The email suggests that you are forced to change the password before you can even access your account, which, at least in my case, was not required.

Here you can read more about the SITA hack:



Not sure what to think of BA’s email. It clearly states that you don’t have access to your account before you reset your password, yet I could do just that.

I did, however, as a precaution, change the password that I have on file with BA.

Whoever hacked SITA got droves of frequent flier account numbers and member names that they can use to hack into accounts and drain them out of miles.

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