China Releases Covid-19 Healthcare Certificate For International Travel


Many countries and blocs are in the process of releasing their vaccination and healthcare passes that could reopen the international travel for those vaccinated or with Covid-19 antibodies.

China on Tuesday introduced their electronic one on the WeChat Mini-platform and the traditional paper ones.

Here’s an excerpt from the China Daily:

A Chinese version of the health certificate for international travelers was launched Monday on the WeChat mini program for Chinese citizens, the Foreign Ministry’s Department of Consular Affairs said in a statement on Tuesday.

The certificate will be available in two formats, digital and in paper, with the certificate-holder’s NAT and IgG antibody test results and vaccination status on record, according to the statement published at the department’s official WeChat account.

All the information will be encrypted in a QR code that can be verified, decrypted and read by relevant authorities from various countries, the statement said.

With more countries and China achieving mutual recognition of health codes in the near future, the Chinese version of health certificate for outbound travelers will play a more important role in facilitating the healthy, safe and orderly flow of cross-border personnel, it added.

Here’s the image of the electronic one:

Here’s the paper one:


The China Daily implies that authorities in other countries can use the QR code to pull up the person’s vaccination and health information in question from the source without relying on the WeChat Mini or the paper certificate.

Other countries or blocs, such as the European Union, are in the process of coming up with their version of similar documents that would first allow freer travel within the EU/EEA and later with other countries.

Let’s see how these will all work.

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