Thailand Arrival Quarantine Rules Reportedly Relaxed To 7 Days With Immunization Certificate (10 Days Without)


A Thai Government spokesperson has posted that an adjustment to the Thai Quarantine Rules will take effect soon which includes a relaxation of the hotel quarantine to 7 days for arrivals that have already received a vaccine and 10 days for those who didn’t.

Image by Ana Jimenez from Pixabay

Currently the mandatory quarantine for arrivals in Thailand is 15 nights so this would be a significant improvement for travelers both in terms of time and cost.

The new rule will not be in effect until signed by the Prime Minister and published in the Royal Gazette but this could both happen fast and according to news reports as soon as April.

This is Tweet in question:

This is the translation of it:

A new infectious disease regulation has been approved. For those who received the COVID-19 vaccine and reduce the quarantine period for foreign travelers with the vaccination certificate to 7 days. If there is no vaccination certificate and there is only a sterile test result the reduced quarantine period is 10 days, except for travelers from Africa who remain in detention for 14 days.

These are extremely good news.

Update: There is now also an article from Reuters outlining more details about the press conference.

Thailand will from next month reduce its mandatory quarantine from 14 to seven days for foreigners arriving in the country who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, its Health Minister said on Monday.

Vaccinations must be administered within three months of the travel period and visitors will still be required to show negative COVID-19 test results within three days of their departure, Anutin Charnvirankul told a news conference.

Those not yet inoculated but with coronavirus-free certificates would be quarantined for 10 days, he said.

“Foreigners travelling to Thailand with vaccination certificates in accordance with the requirements of each brands, will need to quarantine for only seven days,” Anutin said, referring to the doses needed to be effective. …

The vaccine has to be max three months old, otherwise you’re back to square one? Interesting.

As I mentioned before the likelihood that vaccinated travelers will be able to enter Thailand without any quarantine is extremely slim for the time to come. One week would be a reasonable amount of time (even ten days is) and this will of course lower the cost of the procedure considerably as well.

I’m sure we will read more about this in the coming days through Thai media.

Separate news about the quarantine procedure included yet another proposal by the Tourism & Sports Ministry to offer more options of how to spend the quarantine time.

As the Bangkok Post reported the possibility to let quarantined tourists spend their time in resorts and being able to leave the room after 3 days will once again be proposed to the Covid Response Council.

A proposal to allow foreign visitors to leave their hotel rooms after the first three days of their mandatory 14-day quarantine period will be submitted to the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA).

If approved, visitors next month would only be required to spend three days in their hotel rooms. Visitors could leave their rooms after three days but they must not leave their hotel for 11 more days.

The so-called Area Hotel Quarantine (AHQ) proposal targets at least five provinces considered to be the country’s top tourist destinations: Chiang Mai, Phuket, Krabi, Surat Thani and Chon Buri, a meeting was told yesterday. …

With AHQ, visitors would undergo a Covid-19 swab test on the third day of their stay at designated hotels.

If a visitor tests negative for Covid-19, he or she will be allowed to leave their room, the meeting was told.

More swab tests would be conducted while a visitor is being quarantined, but he or she will be allowed to leave quarantine after 14 days after receiving a clean bill of health. …

Some foreign visitors who arrived in Thailand on Feb 18 under the Golf Quarantine programme, which allows foreigners to quarantine in golf resorts to boost the ailing tourism sector during the coronavirus pandemic, tested positive for the virus, the source said.

Let’s keep in mind the Tourism Authority of Thailand which is under the Ministry of Tourism & Sports has so far presented more than 20 proposals, almost all of which were voted down or outright dismissed as impractical.

Should the quarantine period indeed be lowered as a general policy as expected after today’s news I don’t see this plan being approved as part of additional concessions.

What will be interesting is if hotels who already have bookings for ASQ arrivals will give a refund to customers who will suddenly have to stay just half the period as originally planned. I’d be highly surprised by that. If you’re on the brink of booking an ASQ stay I suggest to wait for some time until new rules are published and packages are adjusted accordingly.


According to a government spokesperson the quarantine period mandatory to enter Thailand will soon be reduced to periods between 7-10 days depending on the travelers ability to present a Covid-19 vaccine certificate.

This hasn’t yet been signed by the PM. Final confirmation about the new rules should be forthcoming this week.