Reader Email: Accor Expires Close To €1,000 Worth Of Points – Can Anything Be Done?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question regarding Accor Live Limitless (ALL) expiring 48,034 points during the pandemic and if anything can be done?

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You can access Accor here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I (from Germany) just want to share my experience with regard to expiration of my Accor live limitless hotel award points, just during the pandemic and without any advance notification:

I understand the tough situation of the hotel chain, but at the same time I do think that is right to expire the points during pandemic, while people can’t book hotels for more than one year.

Can we do something in order to get the points back?

The reader is not the only one who has found their accounts wiped clean on December 15, 2020, which I believe is gravely inappropriate action by Accor.

Reader Email: Why Does Accor Live Limitless Expires Points During Global Pandemic?

However, it does appear that there is an unofficial policy to extend the points by having a stay by the end of March 2021. You do need customer service to achieve this.

Accor ALL Points Just Expired? Contact Customer Service!

Preivously, Accor did the same extension thing requiring a stay.

Accor ALL Reinstatement Of Points Expired Between January 1 – May 18, 2020


There are numerous reasons why ALL members have not been able to travel in the past 12 months, and wiping their accounts clean is not the right thing to do and causes ill will among program members.

Would you ever set a hotel whose loyalty program expires thousand euros worth of your points?

Does anybody believe that it is the right thing to do to wipe down member accounts when there are travel bans and lockdowns in place?

Accor has a financial incentive to expire points because they can deduct the associated liability from their books. However, this is very short-term planning and doesn’t lead to long-term success or Accor or ALL. Members DO remember.