Marriott Homes & Villas Spend Not Ambassador Qualifying


Marriott is pushing its Homes & Villas-platform, which started as Tribute Portfolio Home, battling Airbnb and Vrbo that have been on the market for years.

You can earn elite qualifying nights and a reduced number of points for Homes & Villas-stays, and the redemptions at this brand are entirely dynamically priced.

You can access Homes & Villas here.

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A reader dropped us a note that Homes & Villas spend does not qualify towards the Ambassador-requirement ($$$$$), and we have confirmed this with the spokesperson.

Marriott added, however, that they are looking for ways to integrate it into the program more fully.

Remember that:

  • You earn 5 points per USD charges for stays at Homes & Villas.
  • The redemption is entirely dynamic, and you need 166.67 points for each dollar in, valuing Bonvoy points 0.6 cents each (less than a cent).
  • You earn 3% of the rate back in points before elite and other possible bonuses.


There is nothing on the Marriott Bonvoy T&Cs that would indicate that the Homes & Villas stays are not Ambassador-qualifying when it comes to cash spending.

I am glad that a reader flagged this with us because these are one of the most expensive Marriott bookings that you can make, and an easy way to reach the Ambassador spend requirement threshold.

Here are the Marriott Bonvoy T&Cs dealing with Homes & Villas:


Due to the nature of the Homes & Villas by Marriott International, the following special conditions apply to their participation in the Loyalty Program:

8.1 Earn points

  • Members are eligible to receive Points for all completed stays in a home rental (a “Home” or the “Homes”) that are purchased through the website for Homes & Villas by Marriott International (the “Platform”).
  • To ensure Points are posted to the correct Membership Account, the Membership Number included at time of purchase on the Platform must be correct. Pursuant to Section 9.3, Members must already have a Membership Account or complete the Loyalty Program application (as described in 1.4.a) prior to purchase in order to earn Points through the Platform.
  • Members will earn five (5) base Points for each U.S. dollar, or the currency equivalent, on all Qualifying Charges incurred and paid for by the Member through the Platform.
  • Elite bonus Points based on the Member’s achieved Elite Member tier will be awarded on Qualifying Charges pursuant to Section 4.3.
  • Elite Night Credit will be earned on completed stays booked through the Platform, whether it is paid for or purchased with Points.
  • Charges that do not qualify for Points include taxes and fees (e.g. late cancellation fee, no-show fee) applied to the Homes booked through the Platform, as well as add-on services purchased (e.g. incremental housekeeping, etc.).
  • Points will not be given for any associated partners that may be promoted within pre-arrival or in-stay experience.
  • Points will not be issued on refunded purchases.
  • Miles cannot be earned on purchases made through the Platform.
  • For stays purchased through the Platform on behalf of another party, Points will be distributed to and the stay reserved under the Membership Account and name that is entered at time of booking. Only the Member who completes a stay can earn Points and Elite Night Credit on a single purchase order made through the Platform.
  • Provided that the correct Marriott Bonvoy Membership Account Number is added as part of the booking process, Points will automatically appear in the Member’s Account three (3) to six (6) weeks (21 – 42 days) following the completion of their stay.
  • Members who use their Marriott Bonvoy co-branded credit card for purchases through the Platform will also receive their bonus Points in their Marriott Bonvoy Account at the same time.
  • All Loyalty Program Rules apply to purchases made on the Platform.

8.2 Redeem Points

  • A Member is eligible to redeem Points for Homes booked through the Platform at a ratio of 166.67 Points for each U.S. dollar purchased (including taxes and fees).
  • Bookings purchased with Points are eligible for earning Elite Night Credit.
  • Bookings purchased with Points will need to have a minimum three (3) day window from booking to check-in.
  • If bookings purchased with Points are modified, Points will be reimbursed in accordance with the Home cancellation policy.
  • The following Award Redemption options are not available for Homes: Free Night Awards, Upgrade Awards, Stay for 5, Pay for 4 Awards, Cash +Points Awards, PointSavers Awards, Suite Night Awards, and Instant Redemption Awards.
  • Points Advance bookings are not available for Homes.

8.3 Member Benefits

  • Gold Elite Members receive one Elite Welcome Gift of 500 Points on a Stay of one or more consecutive nights as described in 2.1.d, even if they check in and check out of the same Participating Property within 24 hours.
  • Platinum Elite Members and above receive one Elite Welcome Gift of 1,000 Points on a Stay of one or more consecutive nights as described in 2.1.d, even if they check in and check out of the same Participating Property within 24 hours.
  • All other Elite Member benefits outlined in Section 4 are not available for stays at Homes booked through the Platform.

8.4 Additional Terms

  • The Best Rate Guarantee offered by the Company does not apply to purchases made through the Platform.
  • Member Rates are not available on purchases made through the Platform.
  • A Member may request credits for Points and/or Elite Night Credit that are not reflected in their Member’s Account after 6 (six) weeks from the completion of their stay by contacting the Homes & Villas by Marriott International team here.