Aegean Miles+Bonus Extends Member Tiers By 12-Months (Select Members)


Aegean Miles+Bonus extended member tiers by 6 months back in March 2020 (read more here) and lowered tier qualification requirements by 25% in October (read more here).

The airline has extended member tiers of some members who have not qualified – very few have under the current situation in Europe, by full 12 months.

You can access Aegean Miles+Bonus here.

Here’s the information that Aegean has sent out:

In-Text Format:

We secured your tier for 12 more months! We are glad to inform you that we have scheduled the extension of your tier for 12 months!

We stay always close to you by adapting our procedures to the changes that current conditions bring to our everyday life. So, despite any reduction in your flight activity, you will continue to enjoy your Gold tier benefits. The day of your tier renewal, you will receive an email informing you about your new tier expiration date.

Stay Gold, fly again soon as a Gold!

Thank you for your trust and loyalty!

I managed to qualify for Gold by crediting partner flights into the program.

Here are the previous steps that Aegean has taken:

Aegean Miles+Bonus Extends Status & Tier Qualification By Six Months

Aegean Miles+Bonus Lowers Tier Qualification Requirement By 25% + Tier Miles On Sale At 25% Off


Airlines don’t have any other choice than to extend member tiers by a year or two because many markets have not allowed leisure travel.

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