Hilton Status Match Website Down Or Program Ended?


Hilton has been offering status matches and fast tracks into Honors Gold and Diamond status for years and made a slight tweak to the program last month.

Not sure if Hilton has ended the program or the unique website hosting the match is temporarily down, but the above message welcomes you when you try to access it.

You can try access the match here.

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Here’s the most recent match article:

Hilton Honors Gold & Diamond Status Match & Fast Track Change 2021

There are some issues with this match on some markets where it is misused:

Conrad Beijing

Reader Email: Hilton Honors Gold & Diamond Scams In China (Shared Accounts & Sold Invitations)

Reader Email: Even More Hilton Honors Gold & Diamond Scams In China


I have been in touch with Hilton to see if the match has ended or the website is merely down, but I probably don’t hear back before Monday.

Hilton has offered matches and fast tracks for years, and it would be surprising if they had decided to pull the plug now, although they probably would need to recalibrate it for the Chinese market where problems persist.

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