Japan Airlines Mileage Bank Extends Miles, Coupons & e JAL Points

Japan Airlines today sent out a difficult-to-understand communication about specific extensions due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic.

The airline will apparently extend miles, coupons, and e JAL Points, but only IF YOU REGISTER.

You can access JAL’s page for information here.

Here’s the email that JAL sent out:

My account statement:

You need to register for the extension:

But it appears to be instantaneous:


When I spent an extensive period last year in Japan (life was relatively normal), I visited quite a few locales, including the westernmost place of Yonaguni.

It was served by one of JAL’s affiliates, but you could not redeem from or credit the flights to any other Oneworld-programs, so they ended up with  Mileage Bank, where they will likely eventually expire unused.

Not sure why they require you to register for the extensions? I guess that most don’t either get the email, won’t read it, or won’t act upon it, and JAL gets to expire the miles and other instruments (lessen their liability).