British Airways Raises Short-Haul Avios Award Prices Without Advance Notice


British Airways has today changed the number of Avios required for short-haul award flights in both economy and business class.

The price has gone up in all instances by 750 Avios when you choose the option with fixed redemption cost (not without any fees). BA tries to push you to redeem at full Avios that is a bad value proposition unless you have more Avios than you know what to do with.

Here’s a search for Amsterdam – London

Plenty of availability in classes of service.


You should always choose one with the cash components unless you value Avios at zero.


I find it very unfortunate that there has been ZERO communication from British Airways about these changes to Rewards Flight Savers (RFS). It doesn’t build trust between the airline and its frequent fliers. If they change RFS awards with no notice, what is next?

The change is not huge in the number of Avios required, but the tickets are very cheap right now, and even redeeming for RFS may not make sense.

Considering BA’s very high carrier surcharges for international award flights and the number of Avios required for them, these short-haul awards within Europe and other markets (Japan) have been my favorite way to lowering my 500K+ Avios balance.