Fairmont Lake Louise Ordered To Pay Guest C$24K Due To Bed Bugs Bites


Bed bugs have found their way to an Accor property in Canada that was ordered by a court to pay close to C$24K to the guest who was bit several times.

The events took place at the Fairmont Lake Louise back in May 2019, and the court announced its decision on Friday.

Here’s an excerpt from the CTV News:

In court, a representative of Chateau Lake Louise confirmed that bed bugs are a reality of the hospitality industry and that there had been bed bug activity in the past in hotel guest rooms and staff residences. He added that employees are trained on a corporate standard operating procedure to deal with bed bugs.

The room attendant who cleaned the room ahead of Abdulhak’s stay had no recollection of cleaning that specific room and her description of her training for the position made no mention a bed bug standard operation procedure.  Following the attendant’s cleaning of the room, an inspection was completed by another staff member.

In their decision, the justice determined the hotel breached the standard of care by failing to provide appropriate instructions to its employees for identifying signs of bed bug activity. The hotel’s conduct was considered negligent and created an unreasonable risk of harm.

The court case is an interesting read:

Download (PDF, 1.09MB)


Bed bugs are really an issue for the hospitality industry, and good luck finding a hotel that would admit even after “investigation” that they would have any.

They are not harmful to us, but they feast on us. You do not want to bring them home with you, as they are challenging to get rid of like hotels have found out.