UPDATE: Hilton Status Match Website Down Or Program Ended? (Glitch)


Hilton has been offering status matches and fast tracks into Honors Gold and Diamond status for years and made a slight tweak to the program last month.

We reported on Saturday that the match website had gone down (read more here), it still is, and it was unclear what was happening.

You can try access the match here.

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We have confirmed with Hilton that the status match has not ended, and Honors is working to bring it back.

Here’s the most recent match article:

Hilton Honors Gold & Diamond Status Match & Fast Track Change 2021

There are some issues with this match on some markets where it is misused:

Conrad Beijing

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You would think that getting the match site back up would have been a relatively easy task and should not take more than a day?

It is difficult to believe that there would not be something changing due to the time it takes to reactivate the page.

Some readers, however, have been able to get their status matched, during this time, by contacting Hilton Honors by email and sending the information required.